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Located on Westheimer Road in the River Oaks area of Houston, Texas, Krispen has emerged as the premier regional source for elegant, traditional furnishings. Since founding her business in 1986, owner Pamela Parker has searched out treasures from all over the world as a backdrop for a life of comfortable sophistication.

Founded primarily as an antique store over twenty years ago in a 600 square foot space, Krispen has grown to encompass over 10,000 square feet. Constant evolution and refinement has provided a discerning clientele with an exceptional selection of luxurious furniture and home accessories.

The Krispen look is a balance between beautifully made merchandise in traditional European styles combined with a dash of appropriate cutting-edge design elements. In addition to the astonishing level of merchandise available for immediate delivery, Krispen special orders from leading manufactures and importers. Sources developed over the years for custom furniture, upholstery and drapery are also available.

Krispen was the first commercial business to be on the Houston Rose tour in 1999.

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Pamela Parker


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Pamela Parker founded Krispen, an upscale home furnishings store in 1986. The Krispen concept of traditional furniture accented with an eclectic mix of carefully chosen accessories has been a trademark of this River Oaks area shop since the beginning.

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA in accounting, Pamela worked for a Fortune 500 company for some years and eventually established her own accounting firm. The next ten years she served her clients' accounting needs and took annual sabbaticals to Europe where her keen interest in the decorative arts took hold. In time, she decided to make her passion her work and changed careers. Pamela closed her firm and found new accountants for her long time clients. She then moved to Paris for six months and trained as a chef de cuisine at the Cordon Bleu. The formal education in fine food and wine was augmented by excursions throughout France and Italy on personal shopping expeditions.

This trajectory led her in 1986 to start Krispen in a small rented space on Westheimer Road. She named the business after her beautiful, silver buff cocker spaniel. The little shop met with exceptional success almost immediately due to the unexpected and exciting mix she presented to her clients. Within a year, she was asked by the Galleria to open a boutique in the Galleria II. Once again, the shop was successful on every level. Pamela conceived, designed and directed six different locations of the store in as many years, allowing Krispen to become a unique and surprising destination in the Galleria.

At it's peak in the mall Krispen occupied the former Frost Brothers department store location. The two-story, 30,000 square foot space was the ultimate in chic with high ceilings, black walls and gleaming fixtures once filled with top quality goods from Gucci and Cartier. At this point in the evolution of Krispen, many international visitors shopping in the mall and staying in the Galleria hotels became loyal fans.

In 1993 she purchased the Danvers Eason Insurance building at 3723 Westheimer Road. The 8000 square foot location was quickly and efficiently converted to accommodate the now firmly established store. Krispen is a sophisticated yet inviting backdrop for the ever changing mix of French, Italian, English traditional furnishings and treasures from every major accessory market in the country. Over the years Pamela has developed sources for home furnishings of the finest caliber in the US and abroad. Her ability to select, display and design entire looks has appealed to customers in the Houston area as well as long term clients on the east and west coasts, in the Middle East and Latin America.

Jesse Aguirre


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After working six years for an American division of the French national oil company, Jesse Aguirre was looking for a change in his professional life. He had recently moved to the Galleria area where one of his neighbors was Pamela Parker, who had just returned from living in France for several months. As things progressed in the ever-changing energy business, his department was downsized in 1986 and he found himself with a generous severance package and a world full of options. At About the same time, Pamela opened her shop, Krispen on Lower Westheimer. He helped out for fun on weekends.

Less than two years after Pamela started the business, Krispen moved to the Galleria and took over the old Frost Brothers department store. A mini crisis ensued as Pam needed to travel to the antique markets of Paris, London and Vienna plus the accessory markets in the US to fill such a large space. Jesse had to decide to stay in a corporate environment and allow a full time person to manage the daily activities of the store or commit to Krispen completely. The choice was an easy one and he has been the manager of Krispen ever since.

Chely Morales


Team Member Photo for Chely Morales

Cheli Morales was born in Honduras and attended the American High School in Tegucigalpa. She earned her Business Degree at St. Mary’s in New Orleans, Louisiana and moved back to Honduras for a time. There she accepted a position with the American Embassy and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). She was a procurement officer and a translator for the Honduran government and the US Embassy Management Office.

Her love of floral design prompted her in later years to earn her Texas Master Floral Degree. Cheli has owned several floral shops in cities where her husband was posted, notably Miami, Tegucigalpa and Houston. She founded Woodlake Florist in 1986 and ran it for ten years. Cheli has worked in floral and interior design a total of twenty five years.

At this writing her two children, Lina and Michael Jr are both students at Vanderbilt University in Nashville.